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5 Areas of Growth Environmental Consulting Firms need to Focus on in 2022.

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

As we all walk through a hybrid of remote working and going to something normal, we will figure out and walk through the drastic changes that will come into the market. We will have to also make changes in our business and marketing strategies, specifically in technical industries like the Environmental Consulting industry. To answer two big questions floating around, 'how are we going to sustain for the future, and can growth even happen?' To answer those questions, here are five areas of growth environmental consulting firms need to focus on in 2021

Website SEO and User Experience.

Your website right now is your biggest tool to pull in new business. In America, we have around 60k environmental consulting firms, so you need to have your SEO strategy to get lost in the shuffle with thousands of other businesses like yours. Most companies are found through google search, so you will not win if you don't want to play by their rules. The other part of this is the user experience. So, what happens when someone visits your digital storefront? Do they go to the home page and easily find your environmental consulting services, then leave? Or do they go to an about page? This information is essential to know if you haven't already. A customer experience strategy will entice clients to your consultancy, and want to reach out to you for your consulting service.

Online Content.

Always remember that "CONTENT IS KING" in this new information world. Content strategy isn't new, but it is overlooked in many businesses. If you don't believe me, look at the thousands of companies using social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn and look at the posts. Unfortunately, only a few posts anything with no consistency or strategy. It's just pushing things out just for the sake of it. I'm not trying to take a shot at your business or any other environmental consulting firms. A good content strategy that includes blogs surrounding environmental regulation, social media, and articles about environmental engineering and how it's beneficial for everyone to publish sites will help you stand out as an expert. It will also help support your SEO and User Experience strategies. Furthermore, most content you want to push out is something other than a sales pitch. Finally, give quality content that will be engaging from the users' perspective.

Internal Workflow.

Every business needs some workflow and communication, and this is no exception for environmental consulting firms, but many companies divide by department. Department silos may have worked in the past, but as the internet comes to maturity, we will need to adapt to people working in the field, at home, in other states, and in an office. So internal workflow will be the grease that will keep the gears moving. Every department needs to be interconnected, and systems and protocols will need to be developed to ensure greater employee engagement with the company and clients. Every department in your company should encounter clients from your principles and scientists/engineers to your marketing, human resource, and even accounting. Still, for the whole cycle, the client will go through what roles all departments will play to ensure the job goes smoothly and develop opportunities for many projects from one client.

Division Strategy Plans.

Strategy Plans are an overarching road map that businesses develop to help them stay on track with their going. Division strategy plans are similar but need to be the more in-depth strategy in the specifics with which divisions need to succeed. So have the intent to bring new clients and keep old clients with your consulting services, so the ever-revolving door doesn't stop and may even speed up a bit. When I say in-depth, I don't mean complicated, just thought-through and reliable plans. Only you will know your clients, their needs, and how they want to communicate. Just remember, keep it simple and achievable, and have it thought out. This will help develop a sustainability strategy for your company. We must be prepared for many drastic changes as the future plays out. For example, the covid 19 pandemic pushed many consulting industries to change quickly. Remember to "Expect the best and prepare for the worst!"

Learn Online Networking.

As the covid 19 pandemic forced many opportunities to network to be shut down, we now must learn how to network online. People may feel uncomfortable going to significant events or even to the bar to ask how we can still network with your consulting firm. Social Media is growing into something that can be the medium through which networking can work. With people adapting to book clubs and online conferences, we can expect everything else to move that way. Starting a conversation with someone online may feel a bit off, but it could lead to many business opportunities. If you need help with where to start, go to the many places that will give free information, such as Google or YouTube, for a good network marketing strategy. It is easier than you think and will pay off in the long run.

With all the changes in what the covid 19 crisis made us do, we will need to adapt to what comes out of it. And no one knows the differences or how long they will be in effect. One thing is for sure in a competitive landscape, working from home will be ever-increasing, and storefronts will be getting smaller. A well-thought-out plan and effective communication would be the two significant players for your consulting firm's growth or closing shop.

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